Mobile City Logo

Mobile City was an on-demand services company that provided three core services to busy professionals: Garment Care, Housekeeping, and Dogwalking. Utilizing a sleek and convenient management system, customers can order and schedule services with ease, staying focused on the things they care about most.

Our expertise and brand vision elevated the optics of Mobile City Services from bottom-shelf to top-class.  Becoming an integral part of their refocusing, Mobile City grew exponentially and was sold to a larger competitor for an undisclosed amount.

The brand, although selling on convenience, did not want to lose the stamp of care and class that comes with the level of service provided. Collaborating with designer Shawn Miller on the logo, we remained focused on communicating the class, convenience, and service industry equally, experimenting with possibilities such as using animal iconography.

For the branding, we took influences from key brands in related (but not necessarily adjacent) industries, which allowed us to place the company branding in an elevated, yet relatable position. This instilled a level of trust from the get-go, and helped propel customer acquisition to new heights.